Tide Chart

BHIA Beach Rules: The beach lot is for the use of members and their families.  Guests of members must be accompanied by members at all times.  Beach privileges are not construed to regularly extend to relatives and others who live beyond the limits of the Highlands area, with the exception of Associate Members and their immediate families.

Members should have their membership cards when using the beach or tennis court

•     Jumping or diving from the railing or pier is strictly forbidden

•     Dogs must be kept on a leash - especially when others are enjoying the beach


•    Absolutely no dumping of any kind allowed at the Beach properties

•    All watercraft kept at the Beach for the season must be registered with the Beach Chair.  A note or e-mail, clearly identifying your vessel, will do.  All non-registered craft will be disposed of appropriately.

•    Non-watercraft related property may not be stored at the Beach

•     Beach privileges are extended only to those members whose dues are paid at the time of attendance at the beach

•    The enclosed area south of the dock and directly west of the beach is designated for swimming only, with no water craft allowed.

•      The area to the north side of the dock is designated for water craft only, with no swimming    allowed

•     The BHIA is not liable for accidents occurring on its property

•     Users of the beach are asked to bring out all trash they bring in

•     Parents are responsible for the safety of their children. SMALL CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE LEFT AT THE BEACH UNATTENDED

•     The parking lot is for the exclusive use of BHIA members

•    The Beach closes each night at 9 pm